Epson Ecotank 2720 vs 2760 (Best Inkjet for Home Use)

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The Epson Ecotank printers have become incredibly popular. Maybe you’re curious because of the inkwells that don’t require ink cartridges. Maybe you love the Shaq commercials. In either case, these printers have grabbed the spotlight. Finding the right one is tough, so our Epson Ecotank 2720 vs 2760 review will show you which of these is right for you.

Our Epson Ecotank 2760 vs 2720 review will compare these based on functions, printing speed, paper size, printing methods, and any other differences we can find.

Read on to find the best Ecotank for your office or home.

Epson Ecotank 2720
Epson Ecotank 2760

Is Epson Ecotank an Inkjet Printer?

Epson has billed their Ecotank as a game changer because it’s different from other ink printers, but you might be wondering if it’s still an inkjet or some other type of printer.

An inkjet printer is any printer that uses ink. It has nozzles that spray ink onto the paper (or other media) to create a cohesive image or text print. As such, since Epson Ecotank 2720 and 2760 both use ink, they are inkjet printers.

But what’s different between Epson Ecotank and other inkjet printers? Most other inkjet printers use plastic cartridges with some ink. Ecotank uses specialized Ecofit bottles that add ink directly into the inkwell. This means the printer can hold much more ink, and there’s a significant reduction in waste.

This means that each print costs less, and the printer is more environmentally friendly. While it’s best for those doing larger print jobs, this is also good for those who print once or twice a week.

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Epson Ecotank ET-2760 vs ET-2720: Functions

As multifunction printers, both of these offer several different functions, but one of them offers a few extra functions and is more convenient.

Both of these can print, copy, and scan. They also have the same sizes (we’ll get more into this later) with a maximum scan and copy of 8.5×11 and maximum print size of 8.5×14. The flatbed scanner is fast, which is great for both scanning and copying.

The prints are also extremely clear regardless of whether you’re doing black-and-white or color printing.

However, 2760 offers a few features lacking with 2720. It has automatic duplex copying and printing (or double-sided printing and copying). While you can manually do this with the 2720 by printing one side, flipping the sheets, and printing on the other side, it’s so much easier with the 2760.

Another big difference we saw when comparing Epson Ecotank ET-2720 vs ET-2760 was that 2760 has a memory card slot. You can insert the memory card and print files directly from it. It’s simple and it’s nice to have this option.

While 2720 has all the basic functions, 2760 goes a little further with automatic duplex printing and the memory card slot.

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Epson Ecotank 2760 vs 2720: Printing Speed

While we can’t call either inkjet Ecotank printer fast (in all honesty, few inkjets are fast), we would say they have respectable speeds for light printing jobs. Let’s take a look at them and also compare how they functioned during real-world tests.

On paper, both of these have about the same printing speed. When it comes to printing, you can expect 10PPM for monochrome black printing and 5PPM for color. PPM stands for pages per minute.

Copying is a little slower, but you’ll get very similar speeds. You can expect about 8PPM for black copies and 4PPM for color copies. This difference only becomes apparent with larger print jobs.

We also have to consider duplex printing speeds for the 2760. You can expect about 6PPM for black and 4PPM for color. That’s actually fairly good, especially for color.

Now these are the numbers on paper. In reality we found that 2760 outperformed the 2720 on average. While the speed wasn’t exceptionally faster, it was fast enough that we noticed it whenever we printed five pages or more. The difference became even more apparent with larger print jobs.

They are very similar, but we have to give the win to 2760. Not only because it also offers duplex printing, but it was faster in general.

Epson Ecotank 2720
Epson Ecotank 2760

Epson Ecotank ET-2720 vs ET-2760: Paper Size

Nearly every printer can hold multiple paper sizes. While 8.5×11 is the most common US size and A4 the most common European paper size, you might be wondering what paper sizes can Epson Ecotank hold?

In truth, both of these are exactly the same. While neither wins, we want you to know what paper sizes you can use. Both of them work with the following sizes:

  • 3.5×5
  • 4×6
  • 5×7
  • 8×10
  • 8.5×11
  • 8.5×14
  • A4
  • A6
  • Executive
  • Half Letter
  • No. 10 Envelopes

You can fit 100 sheets of paper. This is pretty good for a printer this size. It’s also very easy to reload the sheets. In general, we were impressed by how many paper types it could work with. You can also load photo paper along with envelopes.

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Epson Ecotank 2720 vs 2760: Printing Methods

There are several different ways that you can print from these printers. The most common method is by connecting the printer to your computer via a USB cable and clicking the Print button. That’s great, but it’s not always convenient.

You can also do wireless printing from your device. Simply download the Epson Smart Panel app and it will connect to the printer. You’ll have no problems printing documents, images, and more within seconds.

Another printing option is through voice commands. You can connect this with Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant. Now just issue voice commands and the printer will do whatever you want.

If you get the 2760, then you can insert a memory card into the printer. Go to the LCD display and select the image or document that you wish to print.

They are roughly the same in this regard. While 2760 gives you the one extra method with a memory card, both of them offer wired and wireless printing options.

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What is the Difference Between Epson Ecotank 2720 and 2760?

Curious about what is the difference between Epson Ecotank 2760 and 2720? We found that they are similar overall, but 2760 offers several features that you won’t find with 2720.

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While they have the same basic functions of printing, scanning, and copying, you also get the ability to duplex print and use your memory card with the 2760. The speeds are similar on paper, but we found that 2760 was faster in real-world tests, which you’ll really notice during larger print jobs.

The memory card is nice, but we’d say the real difference most people would care about is the duplex printing. Because of that, we have to say that 2760 wins the battle here.

Epson Ecotank 2720
Epson Ecotank 2760

Final Thoughts

So, which is better when it comes to Epson Ecotank ET-2760 vs Epson Ecotank ET-2720? They are similar, but 2760 is an upgraded model that offers a memory card slot, automatic duplex printing, and it’s somewhat faster. While 2720 is more affordable and shares many of the same basic functions, we think you’ll like 2760 much more.