HP Smart Tank 7001 vs 7301 (Best Value HP Smart Tank)

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HP Smart printers are among the best you can get, especially if you want a printer that syncs with your phone and makes it easy to get supplies. Like with many other printer series, it can be hard to know which is right for your home or office. Our HP Smart Tank 7001 vs 7301 review will help you discover which printer is right for your color office printing needs.

Our HP Smart Tank 7301 vs 7001 review will compare these based on functions, printing speed, paper sizes, smart features, and any other differences that we find.

While the HP 7001 Smart Tank will be good for many people, those who need an automatic feeder for faster scanning and copying will prefer the HP 7301 Smart Tank.

HP Smart Tank 7001
HP Smart Tank 7301

What is HP Smart Tank 7000 Series?

Whether you’re getting the HP 7001, HP 7301, or any other printer in this series, you might be wondering what makes it different from other HP Smart printers, or other wireless all-in-one printers in general.

The HP Smart 7000 series comes with powerful security features to protect your printer from viruses and malware. It also uses a dual-band WiFi connection to make it highly stable and reliable. This printer is designed for high-volume home or office printing, and it even comes with enough ink to print 8,000 color sheets or 6,000 black sheets.

You gain access to HP Smart features, such as scanning or printing from your phone, and it can help organize your documents. When it’s time to refill your ink, you can use HP’s spill-free bottles to refill the ink tanks. This printer will automatically monitor your paper and ink supplies. It will then automatically order supplies when you need them, ensuring there’s no delay if supplies run out.

If you need high-volume printing, copying, and scanning, then the HP 7000 Smart Series is right for you.

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HP Smart Tank 7301 vs 7001: Functions

If you’re looking at both printers, then it can be hard to tell them apart. Not only that, but they have nearly the same functions. However, HP 7301 has one feature that you don’t get with 7001,and it’s an important one.

Let’s start with their shared features. These are both wireless all-in-one printers. That means that they serve all your basic needs and can print, scan, and copy documents. They also have a wireless connection, dual-band WiFi, and cloud printing that connects right to the HP Smart app.

What about duplexing, or double-sided printing? Both of these smart printers feature auto duplexing, which is exactly what you want. Manual duplex means that you have to flip the sheet over yourself. Auto duplexing means that the printer does this for you, which is much more convenient.

Now let’s talk about the difference between them. If you do high-volume copying and scanning, then this will be a big difference. In terms of HP 7001 vs 7301, only the 7301 comes with an automatic document feeder. The feeder can accommodate up to 35 sheets, and it makes it much easier to copy and scan.

While you can easily copy and scan one sheet at a time with 7001, you can copy and scan 35 sheets at once with 7301. This difference alone makes 7301 better for most people, but those who only print and rarely copy and scan might prefer 7001.

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HP Smart Tank 7301 vs HP Smart Tank 7001: Printing Speed

When it comes to inkjet printers, these are two of the faster models that you can get. Both of them have exceptional printing speeds. Unlike the other section where there was a major difference between them, they are tied here as they are rated for the same printing speed.

For those who don’t know, you’ll often see the acronym “PPM” used to measure printing speed. This refers to Pages Per Minute, and it’s a useful metric that allows you to compare different models.

In terms of HP Smart Tank 7001 vs HP Smart Tank 7301, both of them have the exact same speed of 15 PPM for black-and-white printing and 9 PPM for color printing. Color printing always takes longer, so this is to be expected.

Compared to similar printers of the same price, this is a very good speed rating. Not only that, but it doesn’t take long for the printer to start. You can expect the first print to start within seconds, which ensures that you don’t have to sit by and wait for the printer to finish.

HP Smart Tank 7001
HP Smart Tank 7301

HP Smart Tank 7001 vs HP Smart Tank 7301: Paper Sizes

While most people get printers to use standard sizes, such as 8.5×11 letter or A4 European sizes, you might want to print on other types of paper like cards or envelopes. Both HP Smart Tank 7001e and HP Smart Tank 7301e take the same sizes and amount of paper, so it’s another tie here.

In terms of input, both of them are able to hold 250 sheets at once. You can also load up to 30 cards, and the output capacity is 100 sheets. If you’re printing more than 100 sheets, then you’ll need to clear the area before more printing will be done.

HP Smart Tank 7000 Series Paper Sizes

  • Letter 8.5×11
  • Legal 8.5×14
  • Cards and Photos: 4×6, 5×7, 8×10
  • Envelopes
  • European Sizes: A4, A5, A6, B5

This is an impressive array of sizes, and it should cover all your basic needs.

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HP Smart Tank 7001 vs 7301: Smart Features

The best thing about HP Smart Tank printers is that they connect directly to the HP Smart app. This not only monitors your paper and ink supplies so that you never run out, but it also provides you with many smart printing options.

For example, you can do cloud printing, scan directly to your phone, print images from your mobile device, and more. This ensures that your printer and device and perfectly in sync. If you find yourself constantly on your phone, then you’ll love this printer. You can print, scan, and copy just by pushing a button on the screen.

For those new to these printers, you might be wondering if you can HP Smart without an account. You need to make an account, and this makes it easy to keep all your documents in one place. Signing up is easy and only takes a few seconds.

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What is the Difference Between HP Smart Tank 7001 and 7301?

Curious about what is the difference between HP Smart Tank 7301 and 7001? We found that while they are similar in many ways, there is one major difference you need to be aware of. It’s a big difference that honestly makes 7301 the better printer overall.

Both of these printers share all of the main functions like printing, scanning, copying, and accessing the HP Smart app. They also both monitor your paper and ink levels, and they have the exact same printing speed.

The only difference between them is that 7301 has an automatic document feeder that supports up to 35 sheets of paper. This makes it so much easier to copy and scan. The 7001 Smart Tank can only copy and scan one sheet at a time, but 7301 can work on a whole stack of paper with ease.

HP Smart Tank 7001
HP Smart Tank 7301

Final Thoughts

Both of these printers are similar, but we have to say that 7301 is the real winner here. The automatic document feeder is a major benefit that any busy office or household needs. If you rarely scan or copy, then 7001 is great, but those who commonly scan and copy will need the document feeder.