HP DeskJet Plus 4155 vs 4155e: Expert Review

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In the bustling world of home office setups and personal printing solutions, the quest for the perfect all-in-one printer is a narrative shared by many. Today, we delve into a comparison that hovers at the heart of efficiency and convenience: our HP DeskJet Plus 4155 vs HP DeskJet 4155e review. These two contenders, while similar in nomenclature, house distinct features tailored to meet varying needs.

FeatureHP DeskJet Plus 4155HP DeskJet 4155e
Print QualityHighStandard
ConnectivityWi-Fi, Bluetooth, USBWi-Fi, USB
Additional FeaturesADF, Mobile PrintingMobile Printing
User Interface2.2-inch display1.2-inch display
Ink EfficiencyHigh-yield optionStandard yield

Key Takeaways – HP DeskJet Plus 4155 vs 4155e

  • The HP DeskJet Plus 4155 excels in connectivity and print quality, suitable for diverse, tech-integrated environments.
  • The HP DeskJet 4155e offers simplicity and value, ideal for straightforward printing tasks and smaller spaces.
  • Your choice should align with your primary needs: advanced features and flexibility versus simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

Print Quality and Performance – HP DeskJet 4155e vs Plus 4155

HP DeskJet Plus 4155: Renowned for its stellar print quality, the Plus 4155 stands out in producing crisp, vibrant documents and photos. With a respectable print speed that balances efficiency with output quality, this model is designed for those who value clarity and detail without significant wait times.

HP DeskJet 4155e: On the other hand, the 4155e maintains a strong performance, particularly geared towards everyday printing needs. While it may not boast the same high-definition output as the Plus model, it provides a reliable, consistent print quality suitable for a range of documents.

Connectivity and Ease of Use

HP DeskJet Plus 4155: This model shines in its connectivity options, offering dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Smart, and standard USB connections. Its ease of setup and broad compatibility with various devices make it a versatile choice for modern, multi-device households.

HP DeskJet 4155e: Focused more on straightforward, hassle-free connections, the 4155e offers standard Wi-Fi and USB connectivity. While it may lack Bluetooth Smart, its setup remains uncomplicated, catering well to those who prefer simplicity and directness.

Additional Features and Sustainability

Both models champion features such as mobile printing and energy-saving modes, aligning with today’s eco-conscious and on-the-go lifestyles. However, the Plus 4155 edges ahead with its automatic document feeder (ADF), catering to those juggling multiple tasks. In contrast, the 4155e, while lacking an ADF, maintains a smaller footprint, appealing to space-conscious users.

Pros and Cons

HP DeskJet Plus 4155:

  • Pros: Enhanced connectivity, superior print quality, automatic document feeder.
  • Cons: Higher price point, potentially more complex for tech novices.

HP DeskJet 4155e:

  • Pros: Affordability, straightforward functionality, compact design.
  • Cons: Limited connectivity options, no automatic document feeder.
FeatureHP DeskJet Plus 4155HP DeskJet 4155e
Print QualityHighStandard
ConnectivityWi-Fi, Bluetooth, USBWi-Fi, USB
Additional FeaturesADF, Mobile PrintingMobile Printing
User Interface2.2-inch display1.2-inch display
Ink EfficiencyHigh-yield optionStandard yield

Major Differences

The crux of the comparison lies in prioritizing what matters most to the user. The HP DeskJet Plus 4155 is a robust choice for those seeking enhanced features and connectivity, making it a fit for a versatile and dynamic environment. Conversely, the HP DeskJet 4155e serves as a reliable, cost-effective solution for straightforward printing needs, favoring simplicity and compactness.

In the pursuit of the right all-in-one printer, understanding the nuanced differences between models like the HP DeskJet Plus 4155 and the HP DeskJet 4155e can significantly impact your daily printing experiences. Whether you’re a tech aficionado or someone who cherishes uncomplicated efficiency, there’s a printer out there that’s just right for your desk.

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Detailed Questions and Answers

1. How does the print quality of the HP DeskJet Plus 4155 compare to the HP DeskJet 4155e?

The HP DeskJet Plus 4155 is noted for its superior print quality, especially when it comes to producing crisp, detailed documents and vibrant photographs. This is due to its higher resolution and more advanced print technology. Users who prioritize print quality, especially for professional documents or high-quality photo printing, tend to prefer the Plus 4155. It is designed to cater to more demanding printing tasks where clarity and color accuracy are paramount.

In contrast, the HP DeskJet 4155e provides competent and reliable print quality that meets standard requirements for everyday use. While it may not reach the high-definition levels of the Plus model, it is more than sufficient for regular document printing, such as reports, essays, or casual photo printing. This printer is aimed at users who need consistent performance without the necessity for ultra-high resolution.

Ultimately, the choice between these printers should be based on the specific print quality needs of the user. If professional-level document and photo quality are crucial, the Plus 4155 is the superior choice. However, for standard home or small office needs, the 4155e offers a practical and economical solution.

  • Plus 4155: Superior print quality suitable for professional documents and photos.
  • 4155e: Adequate for everyday document and casual photo printing.
  • Choice depends on user’s print quality needs.

2. What are the connectivity options for each printer, and how do they benefit the user?

The HP DeskJet Plus 4155 offers an array of connectivity options including dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Smart, and USB. This range of connectivity options makes it highly versatile and compatible with a variety of devices and networks, facilitating easier setup and faster printing from multiple devices. It’s particularly beneficial for users in a tech-savvy household or office where different devices require access to the printer, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

The HP DeskJet 4155e, on the other hand, focuses on the essentials with standard Wi-Fi and USB connectivity. While it may not offer Bluetooth connectivity, it provides reliable Wi-Fi performance suitable for most home and small office environments. This printer is ideal for users who prefer simplicity and may only need to connect from a limited number of devices primarily over a Wi-Fi network.

In summary, the choice between these printers should reflect the user’s specific connectivity needs. If a broad range of connectivity options and high-traffic device access is needed, the Plus 4155 is the better option. However, for users with more straightforward, less frequent printing needs from fewer devices, the 4155e remains a solid and cost-effective choice.

  • Plus 4155: Offers extensive connectivity options for diverse environments.
  • 4155e: Provides essential connectivity suitable for simpler setups.
  • Choice should align with the user’s connectivity needs and device usage.

3. What are the implications of the different ink cartridge options available for these printers?

The HP DeskJet Plus 4155 supports high-yield ink cartridges, which can print a larger number of pages compared to standard cartridges, making it a more cost-effective choice for users with high-volume printing needs. This option reduces the frequency of ink purchases and replacements, saving time and effort for users who print large quantities regularly. Additionally, this can contribute to a lower overall cost per page, benefiting users who are looking to maximize efficiency and reduce long-term expenses.

The HP DeskJet 4155e, while not supporting high-yield cartridges, still offers the convenience and quality of HP’s standard ink cartridges. This setup is suitable for users with moderate or low-volume printing needs. Though the per-page cost might be higher compared to the high-yield cartridges of the Plus 4155, for users who print less frequently, this may not present a significant issue, and the initial lower cost of the printer might outweigh long-term ink costs.

Therefore, when considering between these two printers, potential buyers should assess their typical print volume and how often they are willing to replace cartridges. For heavy users, the initial higher cost of the Plus 4155 could be offset by lower ongoing ink costs. For lighter users, the 4155e provides an economical solution without the need for frequent, high-volume printing.

  • Plus 4155: Better for high-volume printing with high-yield cartridges.
  • 4155e: Suitable for lower-volume printing with standard cartridges.
  • Consider printing volume and frequency when choosing between the two.

4. How does the automatic document feeder (ADF) enhance the functionality of the HP DeskJet Plus 4155?

The automatic document feeder (ADF) on the HP DeskJet Plus 4155 significantly enhances multitasking capabilities, allowing users to scan, copy, or fax multiple-page documents without manually placing each page on the scanner. This is particularly beneficial for users in a busy home office or small business environment where time efficiency is critical. The ADF streamlines complex tasks, turning them into straightforward, time-saving operations. For those dealing with contracts, lengthy reports, or batch scanning tasks, this feature becomes indispensable, enhancing productivity and reducing manual labor.

Without an ADF, users of the HP DeskJet 4155e must manually change each page they wish to scan or copy, which can be time-consuming and less efficient, especially when dealing with multi-page documents. This could be a limiting factor for users who frequently work with multi-page documents but might not be a significant issue for those with more sporadic scanning or copying needs. The absence of an ADF on the 4155e reflects its design as a more basic, straightforward printer intended for users with simpler, less demanding scanning and copying tasks.

Thus, the presence of an ADF in a printer can substantially influence user experience and efficiency. For businesses or individuals frequently handling multi-page documents, the HP DeskJet Plus 4155 with its ADF is a clear winner. However, for users who scan or copy infrequently or who typically work with single-page documents, the HP DeskJet 4155e remains a competent and more budget-friendly option.

  • Plus 4155: Offers significant time-saving and efficiency for users with frequent multi-page document handling thanks to its ADF.
  • 4155e: Suitable for users with minimal scanning/copying needs or who typically handle single-page documents.
  • The choice should be based on the user’s scanning and copying frequency and document length.

5. Considering the environmental impact, how do the HP DeskJet Plus 4155 and the HP DeskJet 4155e fare in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability?

The HP DeskJet Plus 4155 and the HP DeskJet 4155e both prioritize energy efficiency, being designed with sustainability in mind. They are ENERGY STAR certified, ensuring that they meet strict energy efficiency guidelines. This certification means that both printers consume less power compared to non-certified models, contributing to lower electricity bills and a reduced environmental footprint. For eco-conscious users, this aspect is crucial when selecting a printer, as it aligns with the goal of reducing energy consumption and minimizing environmental impact.

Moreover, both models support HP’s Instant Ink program, which can help reduce waste associated with ink cartridges. By automatically delivering ink only when needed, the program helps to eliminate unnecessary ink cartridge production and disposal, further enhancing the sustainability of these printers. Additionally, HP provides recycling services for used cartridges, reinforcing the environmental commitment of both models.

However, the HP DeskJet Plus 4155’s compatibility with high-yield ink cartridges can offer an additional sustainability advantage by reducing the frequency of cartridge replacements and, consequently, waste. Users printing in high volumes may find this feature not only cost-effective but also more environmentally friendly. While both printers support initiatives aimed at reducing environmental impact, the Plus 4155 may hold a slight edge in sustainability for heavy users due to its ink efficiency.

  • Both printers are ENERGY STAR certified, ensuring energy efficiency.
  • Both support HP’s Instant Ink program and cartridge recycling, contributing to reduced waste.
  • The Plus 4155 may offer additional sustainability benefits for high-volume users through its high-yield cartridge compatibility.

10 FAQ Questions with Short Responses

  1. Can both printers connect to a mobile device for printing?
    • Yes, both the HP DeskJet Plus 4155 and the HP DeskJet 4155e support mobile printing.
  2. Do either of the printers have double-sided printing?
    • Yes, both printers offer manual duplex printing capabilities.
  3. Is there a difference in the maximum print resolution between the two models?
    • The print resolutions are similar, but check specific model specifications for exact figures.
  4. Can I use third-party ink with these HP printers?
    • Using third-party ink can void warranties and affect performance; HP recommends using original HP ink.
  5. Are these printers suitable for printing photos?
    • Yes, both printers can print photos, but the Plus 4155 might provide slightly better quality.
  6. What types of paper can these printers handle?
    • Both can handle various types of paper, including photo paper, plain paper, and HP Matte Brochure or Professional paper.
  7. Do these printers come with ink?
    • Yes, they typically come with a set-up ink cartridge to get started.
  8. How do I connect my printer to Wi-Fi?
    • Use the HP Smart app or the printer’s LCD panel to connect to your Wi-Fi network.
  9. Can I scan documents directly to my email with these printers?
    • Yes, using the HP Smart app, you can scan documents and email them directly.
  10. Are the HP DeskJet Plus 4155 and 4155e compatible with Windows and macOS?
    • Yes, both printers are compatible with Windows and macOS operating systems.