Canon Pixma TR4520 vs TR4720 (Best Canon Pixma for Home Use)

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Have you ever noticed that some printers are hard to tell apart? If you’re looking for a new inkjet printer, then our Canon Pixma TR4520 vs TR4720 review can help you decide which is best. They look nearly identical, and both have incredibly similar features, but there are some differences here you should know about.

Our Canon Pixma TR4720 vs TR4520 review will compare these based on their functions, printing speed, paper size, special features, and any other differences we can find.

Both are similar, but Canon TR4720 is the upgraded version and you can tell with its faster printing speed and ability to use thicker paper. However, TR4520 has a better cost-per-print rating.

Canon Pixma TR4520
Canon Pixma TR4720

How to Canon Pixma Connect to iPhone?

Whether you want to connect Canon Pixma TR4520 to your iPhone or connect Canon Pixma TR4720 to your iPhone or Android device, the instructions are simple and should only take you a few minutes to complete.

Make sure the Pixma is turned on. Press the “Menu/Wireless” button for three seconds and it will be ready to connect to a device. Download the Canon PRINT app, also known as SELPHY app. Once downloaded, open the app and make sure you have WiFi enabled and that it’s on the same network as the printer.

There will be an option to search for available printers. Select it and it will list all available printers in your area. If your network is protected by a password, then you may need to enter it first before the app can search for printers.

Your Pixma printer will show the network information on the LED screen. Tap OK and the connection will be established. You can now print images and documents from your phone to your printer.

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Canon Pixma TR4720 vs Canon Pixma TR4520: Functions

In terms of Canon 4520 vs 4720 functions, both of these are basically the same. While we found that 4720 functioned a little better due to better hardware, the functions themselves are identical. These are all-in-one printers that are able to do just everything you need.

Both of these are able to print, copy, scan, and fax. They also both include an automatic document feeder. The feeder makes it much easier to do copying, scanning, and faxing as you’re able to load many documents at once rather than one-by-one on the flatbed scanner.

Another feature they both share is automatic duplex printing. Manual duplex printing means you need to flip the sheet yourself (which is hard to call true duplex printing). Auto duplex means the printer does this for you. However, Pixma 4520 and 4720 can only do duplex printing, not duplex scanning.

They are both basically the same in this regard. We found that 4720 worked a little better because the hardware is upgraded, but it’s not a significant difference. This is basically a tie here.

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Canon Pixma TR4720 vs TR4520: Printing Speed

This is basically another tie, but we found that TR4720 excelled in one area. The more you print, the more printing speed matters. While a slow printer is OK if you occasionally print, you’ll need a fast printer if you print at least several times a week. With Canon Pixma TR4520 vs Canon Pixma TR4720, we found that both are fast inkjet printers that can quickly print and copy large documents.

The printing speed for both printers is the same. Both of these are rated for 8.8 PPM with monochrome printing and 4.4 PPM for color. PPM means prints per minute and it refers to how many pages can be printed within one minute.

So, which Canon Pixma is best? Despite having the same printing speed rating, we found that TR4720 was significantly faster. They have the same printing speed once they get going, but TR4720 needed less time to get the first sheet out. TR4520 had to load up and it took longer to create the first print.

They are very similar, but TR4720 is faster because it takes less time for the first print to start.

Canon Pixma TR4520
Canon Pixma TR4720

Canon Pixma TR4520 vs Canon Pixma TR4720: Paper Size

You should always check to see what types of paper you can use with your printer. While most printers can use letter sized sheets, you might want to use something special like photo paper or legal sheets. We found that both Pixma printers here are basically the same, but TR4720 wins in one way.

Canon Pixma Paper Types

  • Letter (8.5″ x 11″)  
  • Legal (8.5″ x 14″)  
  • A5 (148mm x 210mm)  
  • A4 (210mm x 297mm)  
  • Photo (4″ x 6″)  
  • Photo (5″ x 7″)  
  • Photo (8″ x 10″)  
  • Max Paper Weight: 265 g/m² (TR4520), 670 g/m² (TR4720)

The only difference we found was that TR4720 was able to work with much thicker sheets. While TR4520 is fine with thinner cardstock, TR4720 is able to use very thick sheets. This is great if you want to print with cardstock, and it makes the printer more durable overall.

They are basically the same, but TR4720 has one advantage that might be essential if you use thicker paper.

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Canon Pixma TR4520 vs TR4720: Special Features

Once again we found that both Canon Pixma 4720 and Canon Pixma 4520 are basically the same. That isn’t a bad thing as both printers have good special features, but we didn’t find any significant differences between them here. Some printers come with more special features, but the ones you get here are very useful.

First of all, you get wireless printing with both. Simply pair the printer with your network and then any desktop or laptop can print from it. As long as they are connected to the same WiFi network, then you can print from anywhere in the home.

But that’s not all. You can also use the Canon app to connect your iPhone or Android device to your printer. This also enables wireless printing from your device. Not only that, but the Canon app has a bunch of other useful features, such as editing documents and talking with other users.

Lastly, you get voice commands. Both printers are Alexa-enabled and you can tell it to print, fax, scan, and more all with your voice. It’s easy and makes this a smart home Canon printer that you’ll love using.

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What is the Difference Between Canon Pixma TR4520 and TR4720?

Curious about what is the difference between Canon Pixma TR4720 and TR4520? Despite TR4720 being the upgraded version, we found that these printers are almost identical. While there are certainly some upgrades, some people will prefer TR4520 for its lower price tag.

In terms of similarities, both of these printers have the same functions, the same basic printing speed, the same paper size, the same special features, and the ability to connect your iPhone or Android to your printer.

However, we found that there were some slight differences in terms of paper type and printing speed. While they take the same paper sizes, TR4720 is able to work with thicker paper, which is ideal for cardstock printing. Another difference is that while they have the same printing speed, TR4720 was able to start much faster, which made it quicker overall.

Canon Pixma TR4520
Canon Pixma TR4720

Final Thoughts

So, which is better in terms of Canon Pixma 4720 or 4520? They are incredibly similar and are even at a similar price tag. TR4720 is the better of the two, but TR4520 is more affordable and costs a little less per print. However, the faster speed and better hardware makes TR4720 worth the extra cost.