Inkjet vs Deskjet: Differences Between Inkjet And DeskJet Printers

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If you’ve been looking up printers lately, then you might have seen two terms used interchangeably. Many people call inkjet printers and DeskJet printers the same thing, but are they really the same? This inkjet vs DeskJet review will compare these two so that you know the difference is between an inkjet and DeskJet printer.

The short answer when it comes to DeskJet vs inkjet is that they are similar, but one is a general statement while another is a brand. Inkjet can refer to any type of inkjet printer, while DeskJet is a specific inkjet printer from HP.

What is Inkjet and DeskJet Printing?

Inkjet printing is any type of ink-based printing that prints digital images onto paper. This is done by spraying droplets of ink onto paper. As the name implies, inkjet printing uses ink whereas laser printing uses toner, which is a type of powder.

DeskJet printing refers to an inkjet printer made by HP. This is only one of their brands as they offer many different types of inkjets. These are most commonly used for home and office printing.

One of the major differences between inkjet and DeskJet printers is that DeskJet commonly uses disposable and affordable printheads. These provide high-quality prints, and they’re typically inexpensive to replace as well. Why inkjet can be the same level of quality, it really depends on the specific printer and brand used.

Ink Quality

In terms of DeskJet vs inkjet printers, which uses better ink? It really comes down to what brand and ink you’re referring to when it comes to this, but we’ll say that HP DeskJet frequently has better ink quality. This is because HP invests substantial money in creating the best ink that they can, and they are known as a leader among inkjet providers.

In general, inkjet printers and ink are cheaper than those with HP DeskJet. This has the unfortunate side effect of meaning that inkjets are inferior to DeskJets. You can tell when the ink is inferior because the fonts will look fragmented and not as vivid when compared to HP printing. This is also true with photo printing as colors will seem dimmer than they should.

If you’re looking for cheap printing and quality doesn’t matter that much, then an inexpensive inkjet printer might be better for you. However, we would say that most people want better quality printing and that means that DeskJet is the better choice.

Printing Speeds

Surprisingly enough, we have to say that general inkjet printers are usually faster than DeskJet. This isn’t because of superior technology though, but rather because the resolution and quality are poorer. The resolution is typically lower, which means that less ink is used and the prints come out faster.

While many people would like their HP DeskJet to be faster, their speed reflects their level of quality. The slower printing allows them to spray more ink onto the paper. That being said, their technology has improved throughout the years and their printing speed is close to most other fast printers. 

Which is Better: Inkjet or DeskJet?

Curious about which is better, DeskJet or inkjet? While it really depends on what you’re looking for, we have to say that DeskJet is better overall. Inkjet printers are cheaper than DeskJet. At the same time, the better ink quality, better print heads, and better overall features make DeskJet much better.

We would only say that inkjet is better if you’re looking for a cheaper printer or somewhat faster printer.

Is DeskJet and Inkjet the Same?

In a way they are the same, but they are also very different. This is like asking if rectangles squares are the same. Every square is a rectangle, but not every rectangle is a square. In the same way, every DeskJet is an inkjet printer, but not every inkjet is a DeskJet.

Both of these use ink printing and have print heads that spray ink on the paper. Inkjet refers to any inkjet printer whereas DeskJet refers to specific HP printers. These are typically their smaller units made for home and office printing, but they do have some larger ones as well.

Is Inkjet Better Than DeskJet?

 Many people want to know: is DeskJet better than inkjet? We’d say that inkjet is a general statement, but usually these printers are more affordable and a little faster. DeskJet typically has better ink, better longevity, and better print quality.

Keep in mind though that this all depends on what specific brand and printer you were looking at. DeskJet refers to any DeskJet specific HP printer, while inkjet is a general statement referring to any inkjet printer. It can refer to Canon, Brother, Epson, and many other brands.

Final Thoughts

While we can say that DeskJet printers are often better than inkjet, it really all depends on what inkjet you’re talking about. DeskJet is superior in terms of printing quality, ink quality, and they all have many special features. We have many HP DeskJet reviews on our website that you can read about to find more information.

But that really depends on what inkjet printer you’re talking about. We have also reviewed many Epson Ecotank printers, and other printer brands that would rival or even surpass HP. Please take a look at some of our reviews for more information.